What separates Bounce from the competition?

COACHING!!!  At the end of the day this is the most important factor when choosing a club.  Everyone has courts and volleyballs, but not everyone has the ELITE young coaches that we do.  All our coaches have played and continue to play at high levels so we can relate and relay our message/philosophy with simplicity.  ALL OF OUR COACHES are able to get on the floor and show the players certain skills and techniques to help them succeed.  In addition some clubs feel that tournaments every weekend are what kids want.   We believe kids need to be kids!  We will compete 2 weekends a month throughout the course of the season so that your children will still be able to enjoy a social life, succeed in school, and most importantly NOT BURN OUT!

Chicago Bounce is a player friendly club!  Whether you play multiple sports or not we don’t penalize kids for their other interests. 

What NOT to believe?

Many Clubs will ask you to accept placement by paying a fee to hold your spot!  This is FALSE.  If you are good enough to make a team they should not get rid of you. This is a club’s way of trying not to lose you.  It also doesn’t allow the parents or athletes to get all the information they need to find THE BEST FIT for them.  At Bounce we never force you to make a quick decision.  We want what’s best for the athlete.  It is a big commitment!  The best decisions can take some time and research.  Clubs also use this to get you in a program yet aren’t specific with you on the team your athlete makes.  They string you along for a few weeks and your athlete may make a lower level team than desired thus playing with lesser talent than another club may provide.

Where are we located?

We are located at Joy of the Game in Deerfield.  The Address is 158 S. Waukegan Rd behind the Deerbrook Mall.  It is conveniently located by the highway.

What types of teams does Chicago Bounce offer boys?

After our tryouts we try to give every player an opportunity to play that wants one.  Athlete’s will be placed on teams determined by skill set.


How long is the Club Season?

The boys season starts in September and runs through February.  The boys teams that go to the Junior Nationals Tournament will pick back up in May and go until the beginning of July.

What is the Cost of Club?

For any FEE related questions PLEASE CONTACT bounce0025@gmail.com or 847-791-1020


What’s included in the Fee?

The Fee covers Gym Rental, Tournament Fees, and Coaching and all gear.   There will be a separate fee for travel, transportation, food and lodging.

How many days a week do we practice?

We practice 3 days a week until tournaments start.  Once tournaments start we scale back to 2 days a week.

How many tournaments do you compete in during the season?

The kids will get a great opportunity to play in 8-10 tournaments depending on the team throughout the season.  We try to keep everything within an hour’s driving distance.

When do tournaments start and finish?

Typically, tournaments start at 8 AM.  The athlete will compete in a pool of 4 or 5 teams with the top 2 to 3 teams making playoffs.  We obviously want to be the last team in the Gym as we want to compete for tournament championships week in and week out.  Tournaments that start at 8 AM will finish anywhere between 2-6 PM.  Some tournaments do start at 2 PM.  Those generally finish around 7-9 PM

How does my athlete get to a tournament or practice?

It is the parents responsibility to drive their athlete to and from tournaments.  Unless the athlete has their license they hopefully will be able to provide themselves with transportation.  We highly encourage carpools!