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Welcome to Chicago Bounce Volleyball Club!

At Chicago Bounce we have an amazing partnership with North Shore Sports and Wellness!  Our NEW HOME is the Berto Center located at 550 Lake Cook Rd. in Deerfield, IL by highways 41, 94, and 294.

Chicago Bounce has elevated to one of the top Volleyball Clubs in Illinois.  Over the past few years Chicago Bounce has grown into the premiere destination for all the top athletes.  We also work with Multi-Sport athletes as well.  As of last year Chicago Bounce had the Top 13’s and 14’s team in Illinois.  15’s were Top 2 in Illinois and 16’s were Top 2 in Illinois as well.  Come be a part of the fastest rising Volleyball Program in Illinois!

Chicago Bounce Volleyball is not a general “warehouse” club.  Our focus is volleyball and we attract some of the most experienced coaches dedicated to the sport of volleyball passing their knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to each athlete.  We pride ourselves on our mission and goals which is to offer each individual the BEST volleyball club experience with individualized attention, skills development and refinement, sportsmanship and a positive competitive spirit.

Our focused approach allows our coaches the time to work closely with each athlete, developing the player to their fullest potential each and every season.  If you have a child that is interested in the game of volleyball, wants to break free from predetermined placement or has the desire to take volleyball to another level, we are the perfect volleyball club!

We offer a highly competitive environment in which the most skilled players can continue to grow, excel and be challenged.  For the inexperienced player we offer a safe and supportive environment to learn and excel in the game of volleyball and develop skills that can be transferred to other sports as well as a lifelong love of the game.  Put all these things together and you get a SPECTACULAR Club Volleyball experience!

Here is just a brief description of what Chicago Bounce Volleyball offers:

  • Teach and Build on the Fundamentals
  • Enhance Skills and Build Teamwork Development
  • Develop Volleyball IQ
  • Provide Strength and Jump Training
  • Train and Learn from International Coaches and Players, former College Coaches and Players and former and current Club Players
  • Emphasize the Importance of Technique, Discipline and Strategy

Our Focus is on T.E.A.M.
We like to “Play Hard…Have Fun”