13 Red, 14 Red, 14 Blue have Palos Points.  Start time 3 PM

15 and 16 Red go to Ft. Lauderdale.  Start time 8 AM

15 Blue, 15 White, 16 Blue, 16 White, 17 and 18 Red are in Sync Tournament. Start time 8 AM



Bid Tournament- Boys Winter Volleyball Championships at McCormick Place

Chicago Bounce Volleyball earns 2 bids to Nationals!  Chicago Bounce is the only Northwest Suburban team to earn any bids to Nationals!  Congratulations 14 Red and 16 Red!  16 Red finished tied for 5th.  14 Red Finished 6th.  15 Red finished 10th overall with a 7-2 Record.  16 White Finished the 16/15 Club division 5th overall!  14 Blue went 2-1 on day 1.  They finished 25th.  13 Red finishes 35th ahead of several 14′s teams.  16 Blue finished 2-1 after Day 1.  They finished ahead of their seed.  29th overall.  17′s and 18′s continue to work hard and were depleted by injuries and finals this weekend.

We couldn’t be prouder of our athletes.  They competed hard in their first bid tournaments.  After the first day of play Bounce had 5 teams that had a possibility to get a bid.  2 teams succeeded.  We hope to see that number grow in our next bid tournament.  GO BOUNCE!



School Volleyball News-


Over 90% of our athletes made their school teams!  Congratulations to all our athletes on their hard work and dedication.  We like to acknowledge a few of our athletes that were called on to play a level up this year!  Congratulations Jack Sullivan(Sophomore GBS) made varisty.  Caedon Hsieh (Deerfield), Bryan Ruz (Loyola),  Brian Kaiser and Joe D’ Attomo (Both New Trier) all Bounce 15 Red Members playing on Junior Varsity this season.   Also, a special congratulations to 15 Blue member Gerrit Holleman (Highland Park) on making his JV team. Congratulations to Jack Ferber(GBN) Freshman and Chicago Bounce 15 Red member got a call up to varsity!  GO BOUNCE!


St. Louis Bid Tournament-

Congratulations to all our teams that competed.  A special congratulations to Chicago Bounce 14 Blue for earning a bid!  That is our 2nd bid in the 14s division.  No team in our Area has a bid at the 4th-8th Grade level, except for Chicago Bounce!  We have 2 bids in the 14′s division!  We also had a great performance by our 15 Red team winning the Silver Division Championship.  This is their 2nd top 10 finish at a bid tournament.  15 Red is seeking an at-large bid and we feel confident that they will get the 3rd OPEN NATIONALS BID of the Season.  This will be our very best season in our short history!

14 Red finished 3rd overall.  Earned a bid at McCormick Place.  (Best team in the Northwest Suburbs)
14 Blue finished Tied for 5th overall.  Earned a bid in St. Louis
15 Red won the Silver Division Championship.  9th Overall.
15 Blue finished 24th
16 Red finished 19th out of 50.  25-23, 25-23 loss from missing the gold bracket.
17 Red finished 5-1 the last 2 days!  finished 34th


McCormick Place Bid Tournament-

Congratulations to Chicago Bounce 14 Red for earning a bid at the Boys Winter Volleyball Championships!   Our 14 Boys are the Top team in Great Lakes and our 15s are the top team in our Area 2nd best in Great Lakes.  Out of all the clubs we compete with Chicago Bounce 14 Red had the TOP FINISH OF ANY CLUB TEAM REGARDLESS OF AGE IN OUR AREA!  There is a winning foundation being built at Chicago Bounce Volleyball!  We are becoming the top destination for Boy’s Volleyball Players!  I couldn’t be more proud of our athletes.


14 Blue- Was one win away from gold division and pushed 14 Red to 3 games for a chance at the gold division

15 Red- Seeded 16th… ties for 5th just missing a bid losing in a tough 3 game match

15 Blue- Played very well throughout highlighted by a 2-1 Saturday…They went 3-4 this weekend

17 Red- Lost in the semi finals of their bracket going 4-4 on the weekend

18 Red- Short handed went 4-4 this weekend









Chicago Bounce Volleyball Club offers three great ways to play volleyball:

National teams, will play in top level tournaments.  These will include Palos Points Series, Winter Boys Championships at McCormick Place, The Gateway Boys Festival in St. Louis and Nationals.  The National teams will also have the option to attend The California Classic as well as other tournaments throughout the season.

Regional teams, will play in skill and age appropriate weekend tournaments, including at least one Palos Points Series and Winter Boys Championships at McCormick Place. We will offer Regional level teams the opportunity to play through the summer, with the decision and payments on Nationals to be made before the end of the season. Players from Regional teams do have the opportunity to join a team for the summer if interested.


Developmental teams, for those athletes wanting to learn the game and compete less we will have opportunities to practice with a group of age and skill appropriate teams with less travel.

Recap of our successful 2014 Volleyball Season

18 Red: What an incredibly strong year finishing 24-7 in matches winning 17 straight sets. Now that’s a winning run! This great group athletes always made the playoffs, always made the top 3 and finished in the BB bracket at the Palos Point Series. Let’s not forget the tournament Championship. The power of motivation and determination. The 18s redefined success.

17 Red: Each player made incredible strides individually as as a team. This special group of young men never gave up and it paid off on Jan 19 when the 17s took 2nd place at the Sync Invitational. A great way to end the season!

16 Red: A great group of players that worked together as a team and an incredible support for the 15s Red. Each person contributed their best and their hard word paid off making 2 semi-final appearances, 1 final appearance and winning the Copper Division at McCormick Place. It only goes up from here!

15 Red: This is one of the best 15 volleyball teams in the area beating numerous 16U teams, winning back to back Silver Division Championships namely the bid tournaments at McCormick Place in Chicago ending in 9th place and St. Louis with an incredible 7th place finish! An amazing accomplishment! This team established themselves to be a top team in the Northwest Suburbs. Boys, you worked hard as individuals and as a team. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

15 Blue: A hardworking team that persevered! This great team made several playoffs beating several 16U teams. St. Louis was a great accomplishment finishing the season winning 4 of 5 matches and became the Copper Division Champions! Each boy had an incredible work ethic and had minds of steel! Those qualities will pay off as you move forward in your volleyball career. Great job!

15 White: This team was unique in its make up. It consisted of many boys under the age of 15, yet competed at the 15 level. It was a huge learning and development year. The result: strong minds, great skills, determination and playing at the higher level will make this team tough in years ahead. Stay together boys!


Check the team pages for latest pictures!


We are excited to announce we have teamed up with Club Momentum, one of the fastest growing programs in the Northshore. In addition to adding several Club Momentum coaches to our roster, we are welcoming Matt Switzer, Club Momentum’s executive director, as a master coach. Matt has experience both playing and coaching at the collegiate level and will bring yet another “volleyball-obsessed” brain to our already stellar coaching roster.


Again, I hope you will pass this information along to your athletes. If anyone has any questions about the season, don’t hesitate to send them my way.

Matt can be reached at 312-504-4697 or matt@clubmomentum.com.


What is Gold Metal Squared?

This summer, Coach Blake Orlov participated in Gold Medal Squared coaching clinic.  Chicago Bounce Volleyball will be implementing the new techniques and philosophies used by Team USA, top clubs such as West Allis, and highly respected coaches around the country.  Check out the website at www.goldmedalsquared.com



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